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Hospitality and Sanctuary for All‘- a resource written by City of Sanctuary founder Inderjit Bhogal, exploring the ideas of hospitality and sanctuary in Christianity

Ideas to support asylum-seekers in your congregation

The Diocese of Lichfield ‘Stories of Welcome’ – different ways in which refugees have been welcomed in the diocese

The Sanctuary Everywhere Manifesto  The manifesto agreed by the highest Quaker decision-making body in Britain, Meeting for Sufferings. Among other things, it calls for the closure of immigration detention centres.

For Refugees, With Refugees – a resource pack from the Council of Christians and Jews to advance interfaith community responses to welcoming people seeking sanctuary

Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (R2C2) –  A partnership between Jubilee+ and the Boaz Trust which was set up to bring together the expertise and experience of all those working to support people seeking sanctuary

Embrace Northern Ireland have produced a very handy and accessible handbook aimed at helping locals, faith and other groups and new arrivals navigate the system and know where to find help.

UNHCR – ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ – Affirmations for Faith Leaders

Interfaith Manifesto (2015)

‘Made for goodness: A faithful response to the refugee crisis’


CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) – refugee campaign resources, including a refugee solidarity liturgy

Church Response for Refugees – supporting churches to take action to help refugees

Churches’ Refugee Network

Islamic Relief – international disaster and emergency response and development projects

Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) – engaging the Jewish community in social action, focusing on justice for refugees and asylum seekers

Jesuit Refugee Service 

KhalsaAid – aims to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organisation is based upon the Sikh principle of ‘Recognise the whole human race as one’

Muslim Aid – emergency response and international development

National Zakat Foundation – a charity that collects and distributes zakat – the alms-giving that is one of the Five Pillars of Islam

René Cassin – works to protect and promote the rights of vulnerable individuals and communities – particularly on issues that resonate with the Jewish experience

Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network – working to change the way that asylum seekers and refugees are treated